setup a new blog todo list

  • 购买域名 done
  • 购买空间 done
  • setup wordpress done
  • choose a simple theme and setup a color schema  done
  • setup category  done
  • setup a internal short link system, used to track internal and external link, tried, and make a little modification to suite my requirement. done
  • choose a image storage, for the web server is lack for space and bindwidth (600M,20GB). tried amazon s3 and GAE, I think GAE is a good solutions for free 5G space and 1G bindwidth per day. but there is no a good image storage system in GAE, try to modify s3album or GAE photos. and I want to setup 3 sites, for domain i1,i2,, now, and can easily move to 3 different webspace in future.  working
  • add amazon Affiliate links to site, todo
  • choose a image directory organize method,todo
  • do some research with web.config for iis 7 servers. todo


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