Failed Component with handler ID “55” does not exist

I have some EBS R12 load testing scripts , run ok in dev enviroment. 
and We decided to move it to the testing env, with much powerful hardware. 

After all R12 moving is done, all ebs form scripts show followng error. 
<strong>Failed Component with handler ID "55" does not exist.</strong>
on following line of code
nca.genericClient(101, "COMPONENT_ID_55").sendGenericClientMessage("", "12");
this code is generated by openscript after you clicked an url that point to a form and before the form shows.

I tried to record a new scripts on new env, the code run's ok in new env , and got the same error in the old env.

It must be some config not fixed for the new env.
I compared the 2 codes line by line, finally found that I don't make the DB service name as a parameter of the openscript scripts. 
the old DB service name is VIS and the new one is VISXL.

just replace all 'VIS' in old scripts to 'VISXL' and It worked again.
of course the better method is to make the service a parameter , and It will be easier to work with new env.


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